Childhood Obesity- Whose fault is it?

Hello everyone! Today's topic is somewhat different than my usual blogs, a bit more serious. Last week, my friends and I had a long discussion about the globally growing problem that is obesity in children and who is ultimately responsible for it. Childhood obesity is basically abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in children that may … Continue reading Childhood Obesity- Whose fault is it?


Hello everyone! October is finally here! Though, this year it's a lot different, gloomier than years before, courtesy of the current pandemic. There are no halloween parties to look forward to, no Navratri or Diwali celebrations for a harcore "Gujju" like me... it's just sad at this point. However, there is still one unique activity … Continue reading INKTOBER 2020

New Beginnings – Start of the Fall 2020 Term

Hi everyone, welcome to my first ever blog! I’ve decided to share my experience of the first week of my Fall '20 term here at Western, albeit virtually. To be honest, this term looks a lot different than what I initially anticipated due to the current pandemic. Not being physically present at Western for starters, … Continue reading New Beginnings – Start of the Fall 2020 Term