Thesis Proposal

October 2020

This is an ongoing post focusing on my progress of writing a thesis proposal for the M.Sc. program. I’ll be updating this blog as frequently as possible.

October 3rd, 2020 – Deciding on the Thesis Topic

Hi everyone!

So, it’s already been a month since the Fall term started and things are really starting to shape up. In the center of it all is obviously my thesis proposal. After several interesting discussions with Dr. Neish, we finally decided on a research topic that both sounds fascinating and aligns with our research interests.

So not to beat around the bush, my thesis project will involve observing lunar craters through the Microwave Radiometer (MRM) of Chang’E -2 spacecraft. Without getting into too much detail (I’ll save that for later), for this thesis I will compare the regional MRM maps with other compatible datasets such as Diviner Rock abundance, LOLA surface roughness, Mini-RF and Earth-based radar data (for backscatter and CPR) as well as various compositional maps courtesy of Diviner and Clementine. The main goal here is to characterize the lunar regolith in terms of structure and evolution by means of microwave emissions.

For the title of the thesis, we decided to keep it simple- Analysis of Lunar Craters using Microwave Radiometer (MRM) of Chang’E-2. As I said, really simple. But to be honest, it’s more of a working title, as both Catherine and I suspect this may change in the future depending upon the direction that my research takes.

Currently, I’m mostly concentrating on literature review to gather more information of the past findings in this field and also to understand my topic better in terms of the scientific objectives as well as the relevance. In coming weeks, I plan to start working on my first draft of the proposal! I have a deadline on 26th of this month to submit my first draft for review, but I’m aiming for an early submission just to leave me some room for any last minute changes. I’ve formed a timeline of sorts for the next two weeks- where I’ll be working on each section of the draft one after another. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to that timetable till the end.

Speaking of thesis proposals, I also have Dr. Cindy Mora-Stock to thank for, for her wonderful guidance through the Graduate Seminar course that I’m currently taking at Western. I’ve learnt some really important tips and tricks of writing a thesis proposal, including but not limited to overcoming a writer’s block, proper formatting of the proposal, presenting my content in a way so that it is engaging for a broader set of audience and so much more.

Besides my thesis proposal, I also have lab assignments to work on. I had a bit of a trouble with JMARS last week but thankfully that’s sorted and I can get back to my work. I feel like the next few weeks are going to be a bit hectic with all the workload but then again, this aspect of being a graduate student is something I’ve always enjoyed!

That’s all from me for today’s update! Stay tuned for more.

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