Travelling to Canada and my quarantine days

Hi everyone, it’s already March. This marks a year since the pandemic started and everything went to hell!! What a depressing way of starting this blog, I know. But, I do have one good, no great news! I’m finally, FINALLY in Canada!! 😀 Sure, I’m still stuck in my mandatory 14-days quarantine, but I’m almost at the end and everything else just pales in comparison of the fact that I made it through! Currently, I’m in my hotel room, writing this blog on my phone, and I have a newfound respect for everyone who does their work from their phones. This is very difficult for someone like me who would rather send an audio message than type it out. So, unfortunately this will be a shorter blog than my previous ones.

Speaking of traveling to Canada, this was my first ever international trip and for the most part it was very exciting (and a bit nerve-wracking haha)! The not so exciting part was me wearing two masks and a face-shield at any given minute of the entire trip. By the end of the 22-hours long journey, my skin was not happy with me. But other than that, my in-flight and on-airport experience was pretty decent overall.

My quarantine days have been a bit slow but enjoyable nonetheless. For starters, my room is a lot nicer than I expected with not one but two huge beds (I don’t know why I’m so cheery about this haha) and a very nice view from the windows, especially during sunrise. The food is great too for the most part but I’ve had my fill of red bell pepper to last me through the spring and may be even summer haha!

My laptop delivery is taking longer than I anticipated so this has been a good opportunity for me to rest up well and to reset my clock. The first couple of nights were a challenge but I’ve mostly gotten used to the new timezone. As I’ve been in this warm cocoon of a room for the past two weeks, I can’t say I’ve gotten used to London’s weather but I’m confident I will..eventually haha. One thing I haven’t gotten used to nor expected in the first place is the static shock. I mean sure it was somewhere in the back of my mind how a colder, drier climate can trigger the static electricity imbalance but it didn’t occur to me until I was getting shocked first thing in the morning, no matter what I touched.

I’m an introvert person and spending time by myself never bothers me, I rather welcome it most of the time. However, not seeing a single person’s face (physically present) for almost two weeks is a bit weird, even for me. Thankfully, I still have a lot of things I can do/am doing to pass my time in quarantine. Such as reading some materials for my outer space law paper, video calls with my family, working out, virtual dance parties with friends and binging on some Netflix shows which aren’t available on Indian Netflix lol. I’ve also been making use of a doodling book gifted by Western and it’s fun! I’ve been trying to study maps of the city in order to know it better and failing miserably. I guess I just learn directions better when I’m physically present on the road.

I cannot wait to finish my mandatory quarantine and finally get settled at my new place. I still have a lot of things on my list that I need to get behind as soon as I’m out of quarantine, including some winter clothes shopping. But, I’d love to explore the neighborhood and the city once I get a chance!

Until next time~

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